10 Tips for a Successful Web Ap

While searching through the blogosphere, we found this. If you have time to watch the video, it’s a half hour long. The content can be downloaded at the site.

Innovations happen everywhere.  They are all around us. ;Different platforms lend themselves to innovation better than others. The Apple iPhone has become such a platform.

We think the iPad will become a platform to innovate around as well. One of our former HPA associates, Jake Mintz, saw this early. He developed a pretty cool ap called “Bump”.

You can download it for free at the iTunes store.The sky is the limit for new applications. The market is only limited by your imagination.

If you are thinking about developing an application for mobile computing, these ten tips might help you guide your innovation. The more you think about these things early in the process, the more rework time it will save you later. Then, you can concentrate on building your business rather than re-building your application.

One thought on “10 Tips for a Successful Web Ap

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