Hyde Park Angels participates in a funding round for Ycharts.com

HPA is happy to announce that we have participated in a series A round with ycharts.com.  

Ycharts.com is a fundamental stock research engine.  We are excited to have ycharts.com become
one of our portfolio companies.  

Ycharts.com tracks over 5000 individual companies, and 40 million unique investor trends.  It’s user base is growing each month.
Ycharts.com has partnered with BATS Exchange, one of the fastest growing ECN’s in the equity business, SeekingAlpha.com, a financial news website,
and Zacks.com, an investor website.  Ycharts.com is unique, and innovative.  They will be headquartered in Chicago.  

One of HPA’s goals is to utilize the existing strengths of the Chicago-Midwestern market and fund innovation that comes from those strengths.  Clearly, Chicago is the hub of global risk management, and one of the cogs in global finance, ycharts.com fits very neatly within that framework.  

Good luck to Shawn Carpenter, CEO of ycharts.com, and readers, when you are checking your portfolio-go to ycharts.com and see what a powerful tool it is.

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