Congratulations to Ryan Gembala and Matt Hankins

At HPA, one of the essential strategies of ours was to partner with the University of Chicago’s Booth Graduate School of Business.   We “hire” students to work for us.  Each year we hire five new associates.  Our associates assist us with a lot of the grunt work that goes into researching, developing, presenting, and finalizing a deal.  They are invaluable to us, and HPA would not be where it was without them.  Professor Ira Weiss manages our associate program.  

At a school like Booth, the expectation is that you will find a lot of quality people.  Over the 3 years that we have been at this, we have found that to be true.  One of our associates, Jake Mintz, created an iPhone ap that is enormously successful, Bump.  Virtually all of them have gone onto great careers, and we are glad that they started with us.  

However, today we learned of some really big news.   Two of our current associates, Ryan Gembala and Matt Hankins were part of a team of 5 students that competed in a nationwide competition called the Venture Capital Investment Competition(VCIC).  They form mock VC firms, and make investment decisions.  The competition is fierce, and encompasses the best graduate business schools in the nation.  Ryan and Matt’s team won the entire competition!!  Very fine work indeed.  They accomplished this while completing their coursework at Booth, and working for HPA!  We are extremely happy for them.

Both of them will be graduating soon.  We will miss them, but hope they stop back from time to time.  Congratulations again on a job well done!  HPA is very proud of you both.  

Here is the entire Booth Chicago team:
  • Ryan Gembala
  • Gil Haberman
  • Matt Hankins
  • Josh Marehbian
  • Erin O’Neill

A tip of the hat, and a toast of champagne for you all!

One thought on “Congratulations to Ryan Gembala and Matt Hankins

  1. to an article on the VCIC competition. Congrats again.


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