Welcome to a New Portfolio Company, TransFS

This week, Hyde Park Angels and a new portfolio company, TransFS (www.transfs.com) became partners.  TransFS is a great business.  Sean Harper and Josh Krall are the brains behind the business.  They have created something really special and unique.  

Business owners are confronted with all kinds of decisions that they have to make to run their business profitably.  Many of them have incredible expertise in the market that they are participating in, but they don’t have a lot of expertise when confronted with all the choices, architecture and gimmicks in financial services.  They wind up unintentionally losing some profit out of the back door of their business, even though they executed their strategy perfectly.  TransFS solves this problem.  

TransFS is an online marketplace that connects business owners to financial service providers.  What TransFS does for businesses is incredible.  HPA has a very diverse membership, and we have some people that run businesses that process credit cards.  When they saw what TransFS could do for them, they were amazed.  If you are in a business that uses financial services to process transactions, go to www.transfs.com, check them out.  Their process is fast, transparent, and free of pushy salespeople.  You won’t be sorry and you will make your business run more efficiently. 

Follow TransFS on Twitter, and on Facebook Facebook | TransFS.com

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