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Hyde Park Angels was a sponsor of the Excelerate Labs program this summer.  At the end of the program, the ten companies made presentations to angel, super angel, and angel fund investors. HPA also sponsored an Angel Boot Camp.  Rather than keep the information we learned private, we thought we would post the videos here.  HPA also included the slides the presenters used.  Feel free to click through them as you watch the videos.  Hope you enjoy them.  

One of the co-founders of Groupon, Brad Keywell,  spoke to the group.  This was a very interesting talk, with an unorthodox allegory.  Keywell really made some useful points. 

“Why I Love Angel and Early Stage Investing” – Brad Keywell

Bob Okabe is part of RPX Group in Chicago.  He really helped HPA examine it’s structure when we got started.  Some of the success that we have had as a group can be attributed to the time Bob put in talking to us at the very beginning.  He spoke to the group and told us you don’t earn your wings by merely ringing a bell!  

“How do Angels Earn Their Wings?” – Bob Okabe  

Everyone wants to choose winners when they angel invest!  We are sure that you are no different.  Dave McClure was sporting a golf shirt featuring the logo of one of his winners, He talked to us about what to look for when examining companies. 

“Choosing winners: Key Start Up Metrics” – Dave McClure  By the way, we present Dave in his unvarnished beauty!

Valuation of start ups can be really difficult.  Bob Geras and Tim Hoerr have a lot of experience in this area.  They know the pratfalls and the keys to success.  They each gave a presentation on what they have learned over the years when trying to ascertain the value of a company.

“Tools of the Trade” – Bob Geras & Tim Hoerr

Investing in start ups is tricky business.  But structuring the deal correctly for success is tricky too.  Here is a video on the “art of the deal”.

“Doing the Deal – Mock negotiation” – Brian Hand & Wayne Boulais

Just because you invest in a couple of companies doesn’t mean you have the necessary building blocks for success.  HPA is committed to building an ecosystem in Chicago that will constantly reinvent, and reinvigorate itself.  David Cohen and Brad Feld know a little bit about that.  They built a TechStars ecosystem in Boulder, CO. 

 ” Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem” – David Cohen & Brad Feld

At the end of the day, we were treated to a lecture by the legendary Alan Patricof.  The boot camp really enjoyed hearing from Mr. Patricof.  There are very few with his depth of experience, his knowledge of the entire industry, and his perspective.  Mr. Patricof’s presentation was a fantastic end to a great day.   

Mr. Alan Patricof, legendary angel investor, venture capitalist and innovator in the industry.

Next summer, Excelerate Labs will be back.  If you are a Chicago based company, it would behoove you to sponsor the conference.  Investing in the development of a great ecosystem is beneficial to your business.  If you are a successful entrepreneur with a little time on your hands, Excelerate would love to speak with you about possible mentorship opportunities. In the meantime, consider sponsoring or working with Hyde Park Angels.  Contact us if you are interested,

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