How to Turn Your Kids Into An Entrepreneur

Many people talk about entrepreneurship.  There is a fallacy that entrepreneurs are born, and not made.  While perusing the internet, we came across James Altucher’s blogpost on how to turn your 12 year old into an entrepreneur.  He has some really good ideas and they are worth clicking the link and reading.  

HPA never passes a lemonade stand.  We always buy some lemonade from the kids so they start to build the skills they need to learn how to run a business.  Those lemonade stands become the great start up companies of tomorrow.

Entrepreneurs are made.  They make a choice.  There are skills that can be taught to enhance your ability to be an entrepreneur.  That is why a place like the Polsky Center at the University of Chicago is so important.  The next big idea can lead to the next big company.  

Check out the Polsky Center’s resources.  They have seminars, workshops, online material, and support for the budding business owner.  You have a dream, chase it.  Make the impossible possible.

Happy New Year from everyone at Hyde Park Angels.

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