January 11-Illinois Launch Networking Event

HPA is excited to partner and collaborate with other entities.  We have worked with the Coleman Center at DePaul, the Knapp Center at IIT and many other funds, incubators, and angel groups in the city.  If we haven’t worked with your organization yet, it doesn’t mean we aren’t open to it. Please contact us and let’s roll up our sleeves and get started!

One partner that we have begun working with is the University of Illinois in Champaign.  Dr. John Clarke and Amara Andrews have set up an exciting Entrepreneurial Program at the University.  It’s called the Academy for Entrepreneurial Leadership. One of the companies that came out of this program has already presented at an HPA meeting. 

The real neat thing about the Illinois program is that it’s interdisciplinary.  If you are student at Illinois, you can apply to the program.  Everyone knows about the legendary internet businesses that have come out of the Illinois College of Engineering, but there are great students in every college there.  Now they have a chance to come together and create cutting edge businesses. 

If you are a student at the University of Illinois, HPA encourages you to get involved and build a business!  Not only do you have the resources a place like Illinois can offer you, but you are close to one of the hottest start up markets in the US, Chicago. 

On January 11, Illinois Launch is hosting a Entrepreneurial Networking event at District Bar in Chicago.  You’ll have to click this link to RSVP.  

HPA is happy to work with the Illini!  We look forward to working with you too.  

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