Introducing Tap Me , A New HPA Portfolio Company

Hyde Park Angels has made a new investment in Tap Me!  They are an outstanding company from that went through the Excelerate Labs program last summer.  Tap Me is one of the most innovative companies in the world in the online gaming space.  

Have you ever seen someone staring intently at their iPhone, completely entranced and oblivious to their surroundings and wondered what they could possibly find so interesting that they don’t notice that they missed their bus stop?

There’s a good chance that you’ve seen such a scenario (or could easily imagine one) and that the likely explanation was that the smart phone user was playing a mobile game. iPhones and similar devices are becoming omnipresent. And, as the smart phone becomes more pervasive, so does the availability of digital content created especially for these mobile devices. Mobile games are riding this wave and have become a massive market for both players of mobile games and game developers.  Tap Me can integrate advertiser content into a game in a snap-plus they can make it hyper compelling so the game user comes back again and again.  

Now imagine that the iPhone user (playing the mobile game) is your potential customer and you have 5 seconds or less to make an impression, knowing that any interruption to their activity will likely make them annoyed and never want to hear from you again. What do you do?

Tap Me has the answer.  If you work for a brand that is trying to reach consumers, you better read the next paragraph.  After you read it, call the folks at Tap Me.

Tap Me calls their platform iComplishments. It will enable the game player to select game awards that are sponsored by brands.   Brand managers want to be closer to their customer.  The gamer will associate the attribute of the brand, with the capability provided by the game augment. So, imagine giving your team Gatorade at half time! Or outfitting your climbers with North Face jackets! Or putting super premium fuel from Shell in your race car! If doing so enabled you to win the game or the race or ascend the mountain faster, wouldn’t that be an ideal outcome for the advertiser and the player? As more and more games are developed with the iComplishments platform, more players will be competing with sponsored game prizes. It is a virtuous circle that benefits everyone, especially the company brands that participate in the ad network. 

Not only that, but the gamer can brag about their accomplishments on a social network like Facebook!  How cool is that?  

The dilemma that advertisers face when trying to reach an audience is people are more mobile, tech-savvy, and increasingly reliant on portable digital devices to connect to the world around them. And it’s not just teenagers “going mobile”, it’s just about everyone.  At the next CES show, there are at least 20 new tablets, and a host of iPhone and Android lookalikes being showcased. There is a lot of “noise”, and people are adapting to it.  Tap Me punches through all that noise.  

Advertisers have been searching for alternatives to TV, print, and radio advertising as people become less anchored to the TV. They are more likely to sit at the kitchen table and surf the web on their Droid to find the nearest sushi house. This digital revolution has created an ad-fuelled micro-economy based on banners ads, roll-overs, pop-ups, etc. and metrics such as click-throughs and impressions. Companies have created billion dollar business models facilitating the digital advertising eco-system.   Tap Me creates a compelling alternative to punch through all that noise. 

The iPhone user playing the mobile game doesn’t want to be interrupted by pop-up ads or rollovers, and doesn’t want to give up valuable screen real estate to banner ads. It slows them and the game down.  What are advertisers to do? Tap Me is the answer.  They are a Chicago based start-up focusing on the in-game advertising market. Tap Me is creating a mobile game ad network that will make it easier for advertisers to integrate their brands into the game play without the invasive methods used by web browser based sites. 

Now if the gamer can win a free liter of Red Bull and some Beef Jerky, then we’d call that a win/win./win/win proposition!  HPA proudly welcomes Tap Me to its portfolio.  You should too! 

And a tip of the hat to Richard Box, the Hyde Park Angel that did yeoman’s work on this deal. 

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