Noblivity, An Innovative Young Company That HPA Loves

Some of the most intriguing young companies we’ve seen in awhile aren’t the ones building sexy gadgets.  Instead, these innovators are leveraging technology to create new distribution channels, shorten supply chains, generating value for both buyers and sellers, and help niche players survive and thrive.  Noblivity is one of those companies.

Andrea Williamson founded Noblivity to bring small apparel and accessory brands together with specialty retail boutiques.  For the average small brand, accessing thousands of far-flung shops is a daunting and extremely expensive undertaking; as a result, many innovative businesses are stuck serving a small local market when they could be so much more.  For the boutiques, having unique products is what sets them apart.  But searching hundreds of individual websites for just the right item is far too time-consuming.  Noblivity provides an easy-to-search catalog listing—a virtual “showroom”–for hundreds of manufacturers from around the world, as well as administrative services such as invoicing, payment facilitation, and customs processing, that make it easy to transact.

If you are an boutique that wants access to some really unique goods for your shop, sign up for Noblivity today.  Noblivity has proven that buying via their online catalogue can drive traffic into your store.  If you are a small brand, new label or designer looking for a neat way to sell your designs, Noblivity will give you a safe, trusted, economical platform to market your products.  Best of all, signing up for Noblivity is free!

Online marketplaces combine the best features of many existing channels.  They give buyers access to multiple suppliers, who compete based on offering, value-add features, and/or price.  Sellers gain access to many prospective customers, often at a fraction of the cost of their existing distribution efforts.  Many marketplaces also offer administrative, educational, and processing features that make the deals easier to close.  Real economic value is created—and shared between sellers and buyers, with the marketplace taking a small slice.  Noblivity is creating economic value for its customers. 

 Noblivity is very different from all the online B2B marketplaces in the past.  “We realize that our boutiques have strong relationships with vendors they know; this isn’t the part of their business we serve,” says Williamson. “Rather, we target the 15% of merchandise that provides their “wow factor”—the unique and special that their customers are looking for.”  Sounds like a win/win/win to us!

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