Hiring for The Start Up

Midventures had a nice interview with Brian Johnson, CEO of Braintree.  He talked about how to hire for a start up.  He made some good points.  Here is an excerpt from the interview.  Click the link to read the whole thing.  There is some nice advice in this column for the entrepreneur.  Bryan’s company, Braintree, won the New Venture Challenge at Booth back in 2007.  

midVentures: You say you hire people who can wear several hats, but at what point can you trust and allow that your employees will do your company justice?

Bryan Johnson: We trust people from the onset because we hire congenial people who are familiar with our environment, our objectives and our expectations. For example, because we believe that traditional management in small companies is an unnecessary tax, we expect everyone to run their own show, and do an exceptional job.  

People who fit naturally do our company justice, stay true to our principles, and maintain the exceptional quality of work we’ve built our reputation on. In addition to very strict hiring guidelines (that we recently wrote about in VentureBeat), we only hire those whom genuinely connect and identify with us.  A lukewarm application has a low probability of survival.

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