YCharts Innovates, Comes Out With PRO Product

YCharts opened its Pro product to users today. The product blows away much of the untested common knowledge and folk wisdom surrounding investing in individual companies, instead favoring a rational, value-based model of investing.  HPA thinks it is the best investing tool on the market. 

The YCharts team took a critical eye to growth, value, efficient markets, and more, running simulations on real historical data to test common assumptions. This combination of fundamental data and empirical analysis drives all of Pro’s key features, including portfolio strategies and stock ratings, which the company applies to more than 5,000 stocks.

“The platform incorporates massive data sets which we use to run our analytics. We’ve quadrupled the number of calculations we were doing to support YCharts Pro, and it opens up new ways of looking clearly at the numbers behind the company,” explains Ara Anjargolian, YCharts’ CTO. The result is a platform that empowers investors to make investment decisions that are grounded in the fundamentals of the business, rather than emotion.

YCharts Pro automates much of the research that professional analysts provide, but steers clear of subjective opinion and possible conflicts of interest by remaining an independent information provider. Shawn Carpenter, CEO of YCharts, is very focused on the investors YCharts serves. “Our customers are intelligent,” he notes, “and we’re confident we can continue to improve their investment results by providing the very best analytic information based on our research.”

If you haven’t tried YCharts, you should.  Many of HPA’s angels are experienced, professional, independent traders that use YCharts when analyzing stocks.  

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