Entrepreneur and Angel Information

People always ask us where the information on the Chicago Entrepreneurial Community is.  How do they network into it, find it, learn more about it?  Like all entrepreneurial communities, Chicago’s is amoeba like.  Constantly changing, innovating.  It accepts new people as fast as they want to become a member of it.  Since HPA started in 2007, we have really seen it grow.  

If you are looking for online information on Chicago entrepreneurs, here are a few credible sources,

Built in Chicago  This is a focused social network for entrepreneurial Chicago.  Great way to make connections.  They have great articles and info there too.

Beyond the Pedway  nice blog by Tim Jahn.  Most of the content focuses on younger entrepreneurs

Flyover Geeks an aptly named blog with a cadre of bloggers focusing on the midwest

Technori-a blog dedicated to celebrating Chicago entrepreneurs, both successes and failures, how to start a business, where to go, who to see

Then there is our little blog here.  If you are on the coasts and looking for a place to come to, the ground is fertile here.  Read the above blogs and learn more about it.

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