HPA Structure and Ambassador Circles

From the outside, Hyde Park Angels may seem like a monolithic structure. But, it isn’t. Internally, we have a thriving entrepreneurial culture. If a member has an idea, we allow them to run with it. One of our board members, Peter Wilkins, had a great idea. To help HPA’s focus, we organized ourselves into smaller focused circles. This is great for entrepreneurs that apply to HPA, because now they get a focused expert look on their companies. We have four circles right now. They are, Healthcare, IT& Digital Media, Consumer Products and Retail, and Business & Financial Services. HPA will continue adding circles as we grow and progress. The circles meet in between the broader HPA meetings, which currently happen quarterly. Our next meetings are January 27 for the Healthcare group, February 3 for the IT group, Feb 9 for the Consumer Products group, and Feb 15 for the Finance group. If you are interested in joining HPA, you might contact us and try and attend a circle meeting. Better yet, ask an existing HPA member about us. Go with them to a meeting.

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