Second Market

Second Market is an innovative new company out of New York City.  They allow angels and VC’s to capitalize on their investments before they are bought out, acquired, or do an IPO.  They also allow employees of successful startups to monetize their investment and company stock.  Second Market started up a couple of years ago, and are starting to gain some momentum in their transaction volume.  It is something to keep a sharp eye on.  Here is their recent report.  Click their links for more.

SecondMarket has published its Q4 2010 Private Company Report and the private company market had its strongest quarter ever. The total dollar amount of completed private company stock transactions* on SecondMarket in Q4 was $157.8 million, more than doubling Q3 transaction volume. Read the free Q4 2010 report to get all the details. Also, be sure to check out today’s coverage of the report on TechCrunchThe New York Times, CNBC and the NY Observer. 


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The Q4 2010 report includes:

  • Completed transactions by company and by industry
  • Buy and sell demand
  • The private company “A List,” which ranks the hottest private companies according to SecondMarket participants

To learn more about SecondMarket’s Private Company Market, visit

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*A “completed transaction” refers to a transaction where the buyer and seller have signed and exchanged purchase and sale agreements. In some instances, the issuer, an issuer’s investor(s), or their respective designee(s) may execute a “right of first refusal,” wherein the buyer, who signed the purchase and sale agreements, does not acquire the shares, and ownership of the shares is reverted to the respective issuer, investor or designee.
© 2011 SecondMarket Holdings, Inc.


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