Institute For Justice, Clinic on Entrepreneurship

The University of Chicago is encouraging entrepreneurship via the Polsky Center.  They have taken an active front and center role in promoting start up companies and educating students how to achieve their goals. There is another lesser known place at the University of Chicago that entrepreneurs might want to tap into when they are starting a business.  It’s the Institute for Justice.  They are headquartered in the University of Chicago Law School.  They advise and help budding small businesses on the legal support so they can start up their business.  

They concentrate their work with low income entrepreneurs.  They pair lower income entrepreneurs with law students.  Many times, a person with few resources has a great idea for a business but all the legal costs get in the way.  The business doesn’t start up because the legal financial hurdles are too great.  The Institute seeks to remedy that. 

They have put out a number of studies.  One that caught HPA’s eye was their study on the city of Chicago’s barriers to entrepreneurship.  Chicago is in a deep hole financially, and the best way out is to encourage entrepreneurs to start up businesses.  However, as the study notes, the cities laws, rules and regulations encumber entrepreneurs.  Hopefully that changes with whomever is elected mayor.   

HPA would encourage every state and city to objectively look very hard at all the rules and regulations on their books to see if they are curbing entrepreneurship.  Inadvertently, the way a law or regulation is phrased might be killing a lot of jobs.  

The Institute also does work in other cities and states.  There are tabs at their website.  Go there and see if they can help you.

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