More Events from Technori


** Jelly Chicago**

When: Monday January 31st and Wednesday February 2nd 2011 – 12-4pm 
Where: Noble Tree Cafe 2444 N Clark St Chicago, IL 60614 
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Working at home has a lot of benefits, but social interaction is not one of them. Jelly is a biweekly gathering of freelancers, entrepreneurs, telecommuters and other professionals with flexible working arrangements. Anyone who wants to meet cool people, get some work done and have some fun is welcome.

Designers, developers, writers, artists, entrepreneurs, marketing folks… Jelly professionals are a varied bunch. Some people come once a month, some people are regulars.

** Entrepreneurs Unpluggd**

When: Tuesday February 8th 2011 – 6:00pm 
Where: Greenhouse Theater Center 2257 N Lincoln Ave. Chicago, IL 60614 
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Entrepreneurs Unpluggd is a new event which brings together successful entrepreneurs so they can share the stories surrounding their ventures. Behind the glitz and glamor of funding and press are entrepreneurs, real people who started out with an idea and the steely passion to see it through. Learn the secrets behind their success in an intimate setting that will inspire and elucidate myths about entrepreneurship.

Join Chicago’s finest on February 8th at the Greenhouse Theater for the first Entrepreneurs Unpluggd event…sure to be an experience that’s off the hook (pun intended!)..

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