TAP ME, In the news.

One of HPA’s portfolio companies was in the news recently.  Tap Me is revolutionizing the way in game advertising is done.  If you are a game developer, you need to get a hold of Tap Me and find out how to create in game advertising that is extremely intoxicating to the people who play games.  If you advertise, contact Tap Me to find out their innovative solution to a plain, boring, banner ad.  Here is a segment of the interview.  Click the link to read the whole thing.  

“What we’re asking developers to do is just look at the way they’ve already designed their game. If the character jumps, for example, or runs — which happens a lot in video games — well, maybe jumping a little bit higher is something that would add a little bit of an edge or fun to the game. If you were to choose Gatorade as the sponsor for your gameplay via our platform, you’d be able to get more speed or power or endurance.

Often the developer can’t charge for that extra feature because the player is like, “Well, you’re just making me jump a little bit higher — for 99 cents that’s really not that cool. I’m not going to buy that.”  

But that player may also think, “It’s kind of cool, and I’ll test it out if it’s sponsored by Nike or Adidas.” So it’s a simple variable change for the developer to go into their jump code and go, “All right, I’m going to make the character jump a little bit higher if it’s sponsor-selected.” It’s not very hard to do from a coding standpoint. That’s the basis for Tap Me.

We’re going to enable (advanced customization) as well, but that’s already been done, and it’s a lot harder to do.”

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