Our Angels are Also Entrepreneurs

One of the really neat things about HPA is that its angels were entrepreneurs in a lot of cases.  They are constantly creating new companies.  One of the great stories in Chicago has been Groupon.  Who hasn’t heard of them?  But, here is a company you might not have heard of.  Dealigee.  There was a story on them in the Naperville Sun.  Andy Narayanan is an angel at HPA that has already had a successful career, but he is back for another go round with Dealigee.

Dealigee takes coupons that people purchase from sites like Groupon, Living Social and allows the holder of them to resell them.  Sort of like an eBay for coupons.  You can get some really good deals on Dealigee.  

If you are a start up looking for mentoring, make sure the angel group you are looking at has people in it that have experience with forming, and running a start up.  With their help, your company will start that much lower down the learning curve.   

HPA has other angels working on their own startups.  We will blog about them soon.  

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