The Universal Language of Deals

Executive Director Sam Guren will be on a panel discussion about the art of the deal.  One of HPA’s portfolio companies, FeeFighters, will be represented by Sean Harper.  Click the links to attend.  Should be a great informational session.


Event Name: TiE Midwest Presents the “Universal Language of Deals” event, co-sponsored by Hyde Park Angels
Date: March 29th from 5:30-8 p.m.
Location: Gleacher Center
Cost: $15 (Please use discount code, “HPA” for this special rate!)

Learn the language of the investor, what is being discussed about your investment opportunity at the Monday morning VC meetings, and how to negotiate your deal!  Come hear first hand how GrubHub recently secured $20 Million in financing and how FeeFighters went from two students pursuing MBAs to being named one of the Most Promising Startups in America!    

Please join moderator, Troy Henikoff (Excelerate) and panelists Jim Dugan (OCA Ventures), Mike Evans (GrubHub), Ted Feierstein (PrimeMetrixLLC), Sam Guren (Hyde Park Angels) and Sean Harper (FeeFighters) on March 29th at 5:30 p.m.!

Let’s face it, entrepreneurs and investors speak different languages. Most of the time, the entrepreneur pitches the investor and the investor asks questions, and both walk away confused. What were the deal terms? What are the next steps? Most end up asking themselves: What went wrong?

From consumer web, B2B, gaming; mobile; to devices and technology-enabled business services, there are core dimensions of any investment opportunity that investors and acquirers seek. To dramatically improve the odds of getting funded at any stage, you are well-served to understand, communicate and demonstrate how these fundamentals relate to your specific investment opportunity.

We are bringing the Gen-Y web community and the Gen-X technology/business communities together to hear from a panel of Angel and VC investors, B2B and consumer web entrepreneurs, and a technology investment banker, as they speak to the essential language of the technology deal.

For more information, please contact:
Maria Christopoulos Katris
Executive Director
TiE Midwest I

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