Paying Tribute To Entrepreneurs

Saw a great blogpost in Forbes that payed tribute to the entrepreneurs.  America was built by entrepreneurs.  Enterprising people that had big ideas, formed little companies and grew them.  HPA is here to support entrepreneurs. Successful entrepreneurs take people, lift them up out of poverty and provide real services and value to civilization.    American history is filled with the longest list of great entrepreneurs that humankind has ever seen.  Founding father Ben Franklin was a terrific entrepreneur, who retired in his early 40’s.  Our world continues to be reshaped and reformed by the big ideas of innovators.

Entrepreneurship is in American DNA, and we need to celebrate it.  The Polsky Center celebrates budding businesses every day.  If you have a business idea, they have some tremendous resources that they can bring to bear for you.    So, this weekend, raise a glass to America’s entrepreneurs.  Then, get to work on your big idea.    

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