Congratulations Will Burns

A belated congratulations to newly elected Alderman Will Burns who will represent the 4th ward in Chicago.  People may not know it, but the University of Chicago Law School supports entrepreneurship.  One of the highlights that the law school has put together in the past number of years is the Litigating for Economic Liberty in Chicago.  Not every business that is started will become a scalable enterprise that spreads like wildfire across it’s target market.  Some really great businesses are “lifestyle” businesses.  They afford the proprietor a nice income and standard of living while providing needed services and products to local markets.  

One thing that people might not know about their new alderman is that when he was in Springfield, he fought for legislation to lessen the amount of training hair braiders would need to get a license to practice their craft.  Before the new law, they needed 1500 hours of training!  After the law, they still need 300 hours of training.  But, at least Alderman Burns got the ball rolling in the right direction.  

Hopefully Alderman Burns will go through local ordinances and streamline them to help budding entrepreneurs in the local community.  HPA congratulates him and supports him in that endeavor. 

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