Which Social Network?

There is a proliferation of social networks out there.  From the ubiquitous Facebook and Twitter, to networks on Flickr, You Tube and other internet web sites.  It can be overwhelming to the entrepreneur.  One fantastic thing about all these tools.  They require no cash outlay.  But it’s important to note, they aren’t free.  Managing a social network for maximum impact in your target market takes time.  Time is a cost too!  

This site has a nice graphic explaining all the social networks that are popular today.  You can try and explore the graph to see how one might fit into your business.  One tip, use the one where your customers are.  A second tip, use the one that will allow you the best quality interaction with your customer, not necessarily the most interaction. 

Remember, once you put something on a social network, it’s totally out of control what happens to it.  Embracing social networks is a strategic decision that will change your company.  Be prepared for the change and judiciously decide how to use social media for your advantage.  Used the right way, it’s a powerful tool.  Used the wrong way it will waste your time, and could potentially mess up your company.  

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