Is it Social Media or Email?

There are a lot of investment dollars from the start up investment community going into social media. One of the things that entrepreneurs are highlighting in their presentations is that they have a Facebook page and a Twitter account for their firm. But, what does that mean really?

Social media is a vehicle to get in touch and interact with your customers. Some studies have found that social media is worthless at stimulating sales, which would lead one to believe that it’s a waste of valuable time. Social media isn’t a waste of capital resources, since the bulk of it is free-but time is certainly money.

So what is should be the entrepreneur’s goal with social media? Driving traffic to their website, plain and simple. Once you have the customer on your turf, they can click through it and you can sell them. The social media platform you select should have links embedded that send users to your website. Email is a critical part of driving traffic, since email can go viral. Embed easily recognizable clickable links that take potential customers right to your doorstep.

However, we are inundated with email. Email needs to be designed so it doesn’t wind up in a junk folder. It also needs to be provocative enough to stimulate someone to click on the link. A lot of email is simply deleted, just like the old snail junk mail that wound up in a recycling bin.

Website design becomes crucial. Your website should be transparent, and easily navigable. If your service requires email sign up, make it easy. If you need them to actually contact a physical person to make a sale, the website should point them directly to that. Once a customer has to fuss with trying to navigate a difficult website, you lose them.

The important thing is not to just create a Facebook page or Twitter account. Think through your entire strategy. Focus on the social media that will best suit your business. Integrate that strategy into your website design and into an email strategy. You should see a clear path between the right social media platform, higher traffic to your doorstep and conversion of that traffic into customers.

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