Start Up Hire

We have tackled the problem of financing the start up many times on our blog.  We haven’t tackled the problem of hiring for your start up, or working for a start up.  With the amount of joblessness in the economy, HPA thought they would give people a link to a start up job website.  College grads might be looking to move to the city, and start their entrepreneurial career with a small company.  

One of the characteristics of a successful start up culture is what they call a “parking lot” culture.  When the start up you work for goes out of business, or is bought out, you need to find a new job.  In successful ecosystems, people are able to literally walk into the parking lot and start networking to find a new job.  

In Chicago, the weather is a bit too inclement for that!  But the Start Up Hire website might be worth your time.  Small scalable companies are hiring in Chicago!  

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