Last Night’s HPA Meeting

Last night we had a great Hyde Park Angels meeting.  Three companies presented, and there was good interest in all three.  We welcomed nine new members, upping our membership to 85.  Our members are engaged, ready to invest, mentor and continue creating the ecosystem we started to develop four years ago.   Last night, we had 35 guests of existing members.  We will have to find a bigger room!  HPA has evolved a long way from the organization we were in September of 2007, when we had 20 people at a meeting.  Thanks to our staff, and our members for being committed to growing.

If you are interested in membership, drop us an email at

Our June meeting also had an excellent presentation from one of our sponsors; US Trust.  They gave a really insightful presentation on the direction of the world economy, and answered some really tough questions from some of our angels.  If you would like a copy of the presentation, or if you would like to speak to someone from US Trust, contact Johnathan Hirsch. It will be worth your time. 

Hyde Park Angels also welcomed another sponsor, Baker Tilly.  We are happy to have them aboard!  Baker Tilly and the rest of our sponsors signal via their sponsorship that they are committed to creating and nurturing that start up ecosystem that is beginning to advance itself in the midwest.  Baker Tilly is an excellent accounting firm, and we look forward to enhancing our partnership further in the future.  

If your company might be interested in sponsoring Hyde Park Angels, please drop us an email at  

One thought on “Last Night’s HPA Meeting

  1. ira.weiss says:

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