A Thought on The CEO of Your Company

A thought occurred to us about traits of successful chief executive officers of multi national companies and the traits of the successful CEO of the start up. What are things that those two diverse roles have in common? Organizing, leadership, decisiveness, ability to think strategically are certainly things they share. But, while those traits are very important, the most important trait that the successful multinational CEO and start up CEO have in common is this; they can sell.
“Always be Selling”, should be the first theme of good CEO management. Sell to your customers, sell to the public, and sell to your investors. At HPA, we are far less likely to pony up start up capital if the CEO of the team can’t sell. No CEO is perfect. CEO’s can delegate and find people to fill the holes of their specific skill set. But one thing they have to absolutely do is sell. Without sales skills, there are no customers. No customers, no cash flow. It’s as simple as that.

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