Members of HPA

Hyde Park Angels is a multi faceted organization. When we were founded, we had seven members. People ask us what our membership looks like. It’s on our website. We are pretty transparent. We come from all walks of life, all kinds of backgrounds. We have women, men, people of all colors, shapes and sizes. They come from a lot of different schools too, not just the University of Chicago. Today, upon accepting some new members we are at 88. Most of our new members come through us via our existing members. That’s the sign of a healthy angel organization. One other thing that HPA has been cognizant of is to have real honest to goodness entrepreneurs in our membership. We have a bunch of them. We also have some people from banking, consultants, corporations, and independent people who ran sole proprietorships. Diversity of experience is key to helping companies get off the ground. If you are a company looking for start up capital, don’t go to an organization that will simply write a check and serve on your board. Make sure those initial investors can help you with more than just money-make sure they can mentor you. HPA is dedicated to doing just that. We aren’t just an investor, we are a partner in your business.

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