Student Associates at Hyde Park Angels

Hyde Park Angels has been very fortunate since our inception. We developed a relationship with the Polsky Center at the University of Chicago. Part of that relationship involves our organization “employing” Booth Chicago students. We have a cadre of students that work for us for a period of time. They get exposure to the entire angel process, we get some quality people to help us with screening deals.

Over the period of time our students have gone onto other careers. Some work for VC firms, some in consulting, some work for corporate VC funds, and some have become entrepreneurs themselves starting their own businesses. We are very happy with the people that have worked with us, and our relationship with them continues after they leave the university.

In October, HPA will begin the process of hiring some more student associates. We have an information session planned on October 11 in Hyde Park at the Harper Center. Any student from any Booth MBA program is invited to attend. Applications for the positions must be in no later than October 20th. If you would like to be an associate, we strongly urge that you attend that information session to understand the time commitment, the responsibilities, and the process of becoming an associate.

Our associate program is managed by Professor Ira Weiss. But please, don’t overload his email with applications and questions! We will answer them all on October 11. If you decide to come and apply, best of luck to you. You will be in good company if you are selected.

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