Power 2 Switch

Hyde Park Angels has a new portfolio company, Power2Switch.   Several angels participated in the deal, most notably Michael Polsky.  Hyde Park Angels co-invested in the deal with other area groups.  We are happy to be a part of the deal.

Power2Switch is a company that is innovative and scalable.  Big things will happen with them-but more importantly consumers can get big things from them.   They are like Costco for electricity.  Right now, click the Power2Switch link , put your zip code into the box and see how much money you will save by switching!  If you are a business, you can cut your fixed costs by using Power2Switch.  They came out of Excelerate Labs, which Hyde Park Angels is a co-sponsor.   

The other really neat part about the company is if you are focused on getting your energy from green sources, you can program that into your price quote.  It’s self determined by you, not anyone else.   The company has a really great entrepreneurial team, and HPA was really impressed with their presentation. 

Power2Switch makes it painless for you to save money.  It’s as simple as entering some information in a website and hitting a button. The company was also part of the prestigious Clinton Global Initiative   They were selected, because for the first time, the initiative focused on economic issues.  Power2Switch can save you a lot of money.

HPA is really happy to welcome Power2Switch to our growing portfolio.  Remember, if you want to support local entrepreneurship and grow the local entrepreneur ecosystem, the best thing you can do is become a customer.  We urge you to try Power2Switch today.  You will be happy with the results.

One thought on “Power 2 Switch

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