UICO is Growing

One of our portfolio companies, UICO, announced a strategic partnership today.  Ryan Humphreys is at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week and UICO is making a lot of connections.  Their technology is so far ahead of anyone else’s that if you are in manufacturing, you should give them a call.  Today, they announced a new partnership in Asia.  Here is the content of the press release.

Tianma Microelectronics and UICO announced today that they have executed a partnership to deliver a family of standard products utilizing Tianma’s TFT displays integrated with UICO’s duraTOUCH® projected capacitive touchscreens. This alliance will provide the first pre-certified modules that support real-world touch applications for durable products that require exposure to extreme temperatures and impact, have the ability to work in the rain, saltwater or fluids without false actuating and support use with wet or even gloved hands. These capabilities, available with single or multi-touch gesturing, are achieved through UICO’s remarkable gloveSENSE® and waterSENSE® technologies, now available as part of a complete bundle.

“What we have achieved through this bundle solves a huge problem for durable goods OEMs,” according to Bahar Wadia, UICO’s CEO. “Not only are we delivering feature sets that are not currently available in the marketplace, but we have packaged it with very reliable TFT displays from Tianma that can be quickly integrated into a final product. This will be game changing for our customers!”

“We are very excited about this partnership,” according to Lu Do, Sales & Marketing Director of Tianma USA. “We have worked with UICO on a number of projects, and have been extremely impressed with their touch performance within the context of a durable goods environment. Their ability to sense touch through thick substrates and with both gloves and liquids opens up projected capacitive touch to completely new markets. This partnership with UICO will help both companies deliver an even more significant product offering in the years to come.”

This alliance will extend Tianma’s TFT display offering to include UICO’s best-in-class touch innovations, while providing both companies with a fast-to-market solution for their OEM customers in North America, Europe, and Asia. Visit Tianma (Booth #737) and UICO (Booth #610) at the upcoming 2012 SID show in Boston to learn more. 

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