Stop SOPA and PIPA

There are two separate bills making their way through both houses of Congress.  They aim to do the same thing.  However, because of the wording in the bills, the actual economic and legal outcome of them could be very different than the sentiment.  Today as you cruise the internet you will see many sites with a black shroud on them.  This is because most of the internet community, venture capitalists, free speech advocates and others are against the bills.  

The bills are so bad that it’s even united political parties.  Zoe Lofgren a liberal Democrat and Darrell Issa a conservative Republican are both lining up against the bills in the House of Representatives.  

You can sign a petition to stop SOPA and PIPA here.   You can also learn more about it at this link.  In the meantime, here are some quotes from the Google page.  Join us and stop SOPA and PIPA now.

Bad for jobs and innovation

“We are proud to be part of an industry that has been crucial to U.S. economic growth and job creation… We urge you not to risk either this success or the tremendous benefits the Internet has brought to hundreds of millions of Americans and people around the world.”

– Google, Facebook, Twitter, eBay, Zynga, LinkedIn, Mozilla, AOL, Yahoo!

“The current bill will not only fail to achieve [its] goal, it will stifle investment in Internet services, throttle innovation, and hurt American competitiveness.”

– 55 Venture Capitalists representing $13 billion in investments

“Before we impose a sprawling new regulatory regime on the Internet, we must carefully consider the risks that it could pose for this vital engine of our economy.”

– Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) and Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA)

“Copyright law exists to promote the arts, but the new penalties in PIPA could be used against the new social media channels we depend on to make a living, and endanger freedom of expression.”

– Letter from individual artists

“[these bills] would have a dire impact on the socio-­economic interests and civil rights of members of various marginalized communities and other underserved intellectual property stakeholders.”

– Institute for IP and Social justice at Howard University

Chills Free Expression

“By instituting this practice in the United States, SOPA sends an unequivocal message to other nations that it is acceptable to censor speech on the global Internet.”

– International human-rights groups’ letter in opposition

“[This bill is a] blunderbuss rather than a narrowly tailored response, and its stiff penalties would significantly endanger legitimate websites and services. It would undermine the openness and free exchange of information at the heart of the Internet. And it would violate the First Amendment.”

– Larry Tribe, First Amendment scholar at Harvard

“Congress, under pressure to take action against the theft of intellectual property, is considering misguided legislation that would strengthen China’s Great Firewall and even bring major features of it to America.”

– Rebecca MacKinnon, Global Voices Online, in NYT Op-Ed

Undermines Internet security

“Congress is getting ready to pass a copyright enforcement bill that could kill our best hope for actually securing the Internet.”

– Stewart Baker, former Assistant Secretary of Department of Homeland Security and General Counsel of NSA

“The U.S. Government and private industry have identified Internet security and stability as akey part of a wider cyber security strategy, and if implemented, the DNS related provisions of PROTECT IP would weaken this important commitment.”

– Engineers’ white paper

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