Mark Your Calendars-April 16-Union League Club Lunch

There is a lot of interest in angel financing. What is it? What does it mean? How can you be a good angel? How do you start an angel group? How do you get an ecosystem going? What educational resources are there for you to lean on? What’s the community like? Where are these angels, start ups and all this stuff you might be reading about?

The mystery will be solved for you somewhat if you sign up for a lunch at the Union League Club on April 16. Just in time to see your tax dollars go to Uncle Sam, the CEC’s Kevin Willer, Raman Chadha and HPA’s co-founder Jeff Carter are doing a lunch on start ups, education and angels in time for you to invest what you have left to get it back.

Here is the link.

It’s open to members and non-members alike. The only caveat is you have to wear a collared shirt and NO JEANS are allowed. The good folks of the Entrepreneurial Round Table at the Union League Club lead by Todd Hext and David Lynam were kind enough to set this up. They recognize a hot topic when they see one.

Sign up for a nice lunch. The food there is great and they have their own brand of mustard which I thoroughly enjoy. I guarantee you will be entertained.  There will be a short presentation, but there will be an extensive Q+A moderated by David.  There might even be a few surprises and tricks of the trade unveiled.

If there is anyone from the University or Standard Club of Chicago reading this and would like the same presentation done there, it’s a good bet you can cajole a repeat performance for your members.

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