Happy 5th Birthday To Hyde Park Angels

In April of 2007, HPA formed. We had a launch “get to know us” meeting at the Gleacher Center in Chicago. Since that time, we have invested in a lot of great companies, had two exits, and have grown to 100 members. Way back in 2003, there were three angel groups in Chicago. Today, none of those groups exist today. It’s tough to run an angel group and sustain it. Thanks to some hard work by a lot of people, we have made it this far. A big thanks to the Polsky Center at the University of Chicago, our student associates, members, and the entire midwestern entrepreneurial and financing community that has helped us tremendously along the way. We really appreciate it. We couldn’t have made it without you.
Together we are building something really neat. It’s going to happen here. If you have a great idea for a company, you can build it here! We have seeded companies that have received follow on money from venture capitalists. If you want to be a member, contact us. Someone will talk to you. If you want to start an angel group, we are happy to help. The first inning is over and we scored a couple of runs. Now it’s time to keep playing. If you haven’t gotten in the game already, it’s not too late.

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