Summer Educational Summit in Indianapolis

Executive Summary

We propose to create an educational forum focused on Empowering an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem (E3) of angel investors, entrepreneurs and business leaders from Indiana and the Midwest. The ultimate goal is to enhance capital and intellectual resource formation for early stage technology companies in the region by providing much needed educational support for angel investors who typically provide such capital. The Summit will also provide entrepreneurs and business leaders with valuable insights into the dynamics of angel investing. We believe that education and experience coupled in a networking environment will help foster investor confidence in early stage investment opportunities that will translate to higher levels of capital and intellectual resources availability for entrepreneurial companies.

Summit Overview

Because of its current and growing network of chapters across Indiana, StepStone Angels is uniquely positioned to assume a leadership role in organizing and educating angel investors and entrepreneurs about capital formation for early stage companies. Our relationships with other angel groups throughout the Midwest will also attract angels and entrepreneurs from other areas in and around Indiana.


We believe that the actual participants of the meeting will drive for the successful creation of a more robust ecosystem that will lead to a more favorable climate of access to capital and intellectual resource in Indiana and the Midwest. As such, the Summit will be open accredited investors, entrepreneurs, business professionals and service providers. A $350 registration fee will be charged to participants in the event.  The full ticket registration fee will include the dinner event on the 11th, the workshop on the 12th and a ticket to attend the Innovation Showcase the afternoon of the 12th.


Visit our website at to register. Seating is limited.


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