Are You Too Old To Be An Entrepreneur?

Most of the time we hear the classic story.  Too young guns barely old enough to shave create a company. The company gets funding. It gains users and takes off.  Young guns go on television in blue jeans and sneakers to tell their story.  But if you aren’t young, can you still dream of being an entrepreneur?  A recent Forbes article examined that question.  

A Kaufman Foundation study says, “Yes.”  Older people can start companies and be successful doing it.  The simple facts are, no one has the market cornered on good ideas, and it’s rarely too late to start a company.  Many businesses require some local knowledge before understanding the pain points that can be exploited to create scalable businesses.  Often times, more experienced employees can create great lifestyle businesses as well by examining their jobs and creating applications that make those jobs easier.  Click over to the article, and read the whole thing.  Here is an excerpt that is pretty enlightening.

So when it comes to starting a new business, who has the greater advantage? Statistics continue to favor the experienced entrepreneur—however, who says you can’t experience the best characteristics of both? A younger entrepreneur, paired with a more experienced co-founder or mentor, could potentially tap the advantages of both generations.

It’s also important to remember that a more seasoned executive is not the same thing as a seasoned entrepreneur. Consider the older executives starting businesses for the first time either out of necessity (due to layoffs or insufficient funds to move into retirement) or out of the desire to fulfill a personal dream. They may have greater financial resources than a younger founder, and a greater network of business resources to turn to, however, in a very real sense these individuals are also “young entrepreneurs” as they are moving into the challenging arena of start-up business for the very first time.”

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