Entrepreneurship Seminar at Roosevelt University

It’s great to see a lot of educational events surrounding entrepreneurship cropping up all over the city of Chicago.  It seems every part of the educational ecosystem is beginning to fire the “build your own business” cylinders.  One of the missions of Hyde Park Angels was to educate people about starting their own business.  We host an investor day each year.  We also do a lot of work with the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship to encourage growth at all levels of the midwestern entrepreneurial ecosystem.  

September 28 from 10am-7pm there is an entrepreneurship event at Roosevelt University.  All are invited to attend. You can register for the event online here.  Basic concepts are going to be covered.  Things like what a day in the life of running a business is like.  Social media will have a panel.  There will also be a panel on financing your business and what you can expect.  There is a LinkedIn Group for the event.  There is also a Facebook group so you can organize a group and go.  

It should be a great day for anyone contemplating a business.  The concepts covered will apply to both lifestyle start ups, and scalable start ups.  Hope you can attend.

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