New Angel Group In Chicago

The Irish Angels of Notre Dame have re-energized their angel group.  It is great to see a top university like Notre Dame jump into entrepreneurship with both feet. We look forward to working with them in the future.  They are going to add another dimension to the entrepreneurial ecosystem.  They have a great group of people leading them, and already have a large cadre of angels interested in finding, investing in, and mentoring seed stage companies.   Their offices are just down the hall from ours at 1871.  

The more angel groups we can get started in the midwest, the better.  Development of new angel groups mean that we will keep attracting great entrepreneurs, and have consistent streams valuable resources for them.  The launch of Irish Angels validates what HPA hypothesized back in April of 2007.  Each angel group brings its own brand of expertise to create depth and vibrancy to our ecosystem.  

The midwestern entrepreneurial ecosystem is alive, and growing.  There are tremendous opportunities to build a company here.   There is great talent at universities, far and wide.  In the coming years, the midwest will become a driving force for innovation that will have impact across the world.  

Congratulations to the Irish Angels.  We lift a glass of champagne to you and toast to your future success. Sláinte!  Welcome and best of luck!

One thought on “New Angel Group In Chicago

  1. urbanbizpartnership says:

    I hope the local Universities also reach out to some of the creative entrepreneurs off campus as well. Researchers collaborating with the entire city can only do wonders on a much broader scale for Chicago. More dialog and interaction would be good.


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