How To Build A Start Up

Technology is a lot cheaper than it used to be.  More and more, people with a lot of experience in an industry are trying to build out ideas to transform that industry.  They might not have the time to engage a lot of academic resources, or go back to school to sit in a classroom and learn about the finer points of entrepreneurship.  Fortunately, there is the internet and the culture of entrepreneurship is to be very giving.  Steve Blank teaches a class at Stanford on start ups.  Instead of attending his class, you can just watch a series of videos he made.  It’s not the same as having a professor’s hand on your shoulder, but they will get you pointed in the right direction!     

Here is the class content:

  • Lecture 1: What We Now Know

    Why startups are not smaller versions of large companies

  • Lecture 2: Business Models and Customer Development

    How to articulate and test hypotheses

  • Lecture 3: Value Proposition

    How do you find your minimum viable product?

  • Lecture 4: Customer Segments

    How do you find your customer archetype?

  • Lecture 5: Channels

    How does your product gets to customers?

  • Lecture 6: Customer Relations

    How do you get, keep and grow customers?

  • Lecture 7: Revenue Models

    How do you make your money?

  • Lecture 8: Partners

    Who are your partners and suppliers?

  • Lecture 9: Resources, Activities and Costs

    What is most important for the business?

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