New Web Design

If you visit this website often, you might have noticed we redesigned it. It had been five years since we did anything with our website, and it needed refreshing. HPA has had a lot of growth. We have a lot of portfolio companies, and our membership has swollen to over 100 members. We wanted to design a place for the entrepreneurial community, and the community at large to interact with our members-but especially find out who our companies are and how the community can help them.

Click on a portfolio company logo and you will see who the CEO is, what business sector they concentrate on, and who invested in the company along with the date they joined the portfolio. You also get to see who the deal lead was and learn a little bit about how HPA has helped the company, and what the company does.

We have every company we ever invested in up on the portfolio page. You can see the ones that worked, and the ones that didn’t. What you will find is that each and every company HPA invested in fits in with our original thesis. HPA invests in companies that build off the strengths of the business community in the midwest. There is a huge pool of fantastic talent in the midwest building great entrepreneurial businesses every day. HPA is glad to be a part of it.

Let us know what you think of the new web design. If you have a company that needs funding, just click on the “Apply for funding” phrase at the top right of the webpage. Want to join us in building the midwestern entrepreneurial ecosystem? Click the “Become a member” phrase and you will see our criteria. Maybe you can’t build the next great company, or you don’t have the time to join HPA. You can still support us. HPA has programs that build bridges between corporations and startups. It’s the first of its kind, and something that will be great for the midwestern ecosystem in the future.

Thanks a lot for visiting us on the web. We greatly appreciate the support the entire business and academic community in the midwest has given Hyde Park Angels and we are trying to give back to it in every way we can.

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