ITA CityLights Awards and HPA’s UICO

The ITA CityLights Award nominations came out and HPA had one company among them.  We were happy to see Bahar Wadia nominated for Technologist of the Year, and UICO nominated for Trailblazing.  Bahar was also in the Crain’s 40 under 40 issue this year.  

UICO has certainly been trailblazing.  They were manufacturing customized touch screen interfaces and putting them on all sorts of devices before the iPad came out and made it mainstream.  Bahar was the driving force behind innovation at UICO.  He has a few more things up his sleeve that would rock your socks off and soon they will be integrated into the UICO product line.  

As they say in Chicago, vote early and often-and vote for UICO.  We did back in 2008.  

2 thoughts on “ITA CityLights Awards and HPA’s UICO

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