Migrating to WordPress and Asking For Suggestions

Recently, we migrated our blog from Posterous to WordPress.  The WordPress site is much more robust and it’s a bit easier to use.

Like migrating birds, it gives everyone a chance to take a fresh look at everything.  HPA constantly looks at itself to see if we can do things better.  Recently, we established a Portfolio Committee that will help us monitor investments.  We also have an ongoing Director Roundtable in which HPA members that are directors or director observers are able to interact and learn from each other.  We have other members that have deep board experience mentoring our other members.

Many times, when the community reads a blog post here, it’s about one of our companies, members or happening in the Chicago startup community.  This migration allows us a chance to ask the community a couple of questions.

1.  What do you want to see on this blog?  What do you like-what do you want to see more of?  Anything we shouldn’t post that we have?

2.  If you could be made a benevolent dictator, what changes would you make in the Midwestern Start Up ecosystem?  What would you do to make it better?  What doesn’t exist that you’d like to see?  What changes would you make to existing structure?

Hope you are surviving the extended weather.  Chicago is the best summer city in America, and it’s just around the corner.

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