There is a new blog out there for anyone interested in startup management.  Management of a startup is one of the toughest skills to manage.  There aren’t really any places on the web that aggregate and make best practices easy to find.

William Mougayar  has started 3 companies, pivoted 1 (Eqentia), sold 2 (CYBERManagement to Aberdeen Group, and Engagio to Influitive). Worked for 3 sizes of companies: 2 large (Hewlett-Packard ($HP), Cognizant), 1 medium (Aberdeen), and 4 small (startups). In every case, each company was experiencing a high velocity of growth.  He knows what he is talking about when it comes to managing  growth companies.

The blog is going to be a daily destination where entrepreneurs learn about managing, growing and scaling startups, almost like an virtual open university. It’s where startups become grownups.

Their content will focus on management, strategy, organizational and marketing topics, including business models, revenue models and go-to-market approaches. They will extract best practices, case studies and lessons that are practical and usable.

They accept contributions from outsiders, so feel free to contact William and submit a piece.

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