Moxie Jean’s Sharon Schneider, Profiled at Gotham Gal

If you don’t know who Gotham Gal is, she is an active angel investor out of New York.  She passionately supports female entrepreneurs.  Recently, she profiled Moxie Jean’s Sharon Schneider.  Sharon has a great company, but also has an interesting background.

You will get a good flavor of why HPA was impressed with Sharon, and why Moxie is a part of our portfolio.  Here is an excerpt:

She decided that she wanted to be an English teacher so she majored in English.  She found the classes very simplistic and so she ended up shifting gears.  Sharon grew up in a white Catholic homogeneous area and at University of Toledo she was fascinated with how many different walks of life people came from.  She gravitated towards the study of Sociolinguistics, the study of dialect and the power of language.  She says she really came into her own in college participating in plays, starting groups and clubs.  She also met her husband there.

Read the whole thing.  If you have children, visit the Moxie Jean website and check out what they are up to.

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