Are You Brilliant? Here is How You Could Check has made a remarkable transition and pivot.  HPA initially invested in them as Edulender.  Then, after going through the Excelerate Labs (now TechStars Chicago) inaugural program, they became Alltuition.

This recent Techcrunch article explains how they became Brilliant.

Khim says the inspiration for Brilliant came in the realization that the current model to find technical talent who will become leaders in science, medicine and technology is broken. In many countries, high school students are encouraged to focus on studying for one national exam, which will determine where they go to college. In university, these students are measured on rote learning skills that are irrelevant to how they will be using skills to solve real problems.

“There is a mismatch between nurturing intellectual skills in top students versus what they actually have to spend time on to be successful in the system,” she says. But unfortunately, she explains, there is no way to get noticed if you don’t succeed in this system.

So Khim decided to create a place where these students can succeed, challenge themselves and realize their true potential. She has enlisted a number of math professors, scientists and other technical minds to create difficult problems on the site. Brilliant features weekly Olympic-style challenges that offer rigorous problem sets in math and physics. Users can not only solve problems but share their solutions and their processes in solving the sets.

Sue has pivoted her business three times. She has done so by remaining capital efficient.  She sought advice from great mentors, and she has lead Brilliant brilliantly.

Here is how you can help expand their business.  First, tell people with children about it.  Second, tell your local middle and high school teachers about it.  It’s a great way for kids to interact, and learn together.

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