Don’t Miss This Conference In Chicago

One of the industries the Midwest is extremely strong in is Healthcare.  Some of the world’s top healthcare companies are here. In Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has made creation of a medical research, innovation and investing hub a priority. The universities that populate the Midwest are engaged in some of the most cutting edge research in healthcare.  Our baby boomer population is aging, and are getting to the point where they will start consuming more healthcare.

All of those forces converge together to create magnificent opportunities for investing and building disruptive companies.

The MidAmerica Healthcare Venture Forum is designed to inform about recent developments and potential opportunities in the healthcare space.  It brings together venture capitalists, angel investors, tech transfer offices, C level corporate executives, startups, and researchers to interact and help understand how they can create things together in the future.  Here is a link for tickets. You will receive a $400 discount when you use our partner code HPA when registering.

If you are a startup company targeting this space, here is the link to apply.  30 companies will have the chance to pitch.

These events don’t happen in a vacuum.  They require sponsorship. Many big name companies are sponsoring. You can enhance your brand, and get valuable feedback and community recognition if you want to participate.  Here is the link for sponsors.

The last time this event was held, more than 300 people from all parts of the community attended.  The networking and relationships developed at this event have the potential to benefit for years to come. The agenda is dense; packed full of panels, keynotes, and fireside chats by healthcare experts and innovative thought leaders.

If you would like to make a presentation as a speaker, you can apply via this link.

The conference will be in Chicago’s Loop at the JW Marriott.  The dates of the conference are April 22-23, 2014.  There is an excellent lineup of speakers, and you will see Hyde Park Angels at the conference.  Tickets are available online.  Use our partner code HPA to receive the lowest rate on tickets—a savings of $400.

Check the MidAmerica website for more information, or follow MedCityNews for updates.

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