HPA Helps Land A Big One With Fishidy

HPA has a new portfolio company, Fishidy. It’s the first time HPA has participated in funding a Wisconsin based company. We are excited about that because there are great things happening in Wisconsin. Fishidy is based in Madison, Wisconsin.  Paul Budak lead the deal for HPA. Paul says, “It’s a huge market and it’s untapped from a technology standpoint.”  People spend more money on fishing than they do on golf.  It’s a massive industry.

Brian Jensen is the CEO of Fishidy.  He is an avid fisherman, and came up with the idea.  He  was previously an executive at GeoDecisions, a leading Geographic Information Systems (GIS) company.  He likes to say that Google Maps can get you from your home to the fishing hole, but Fishidy takes you from the boat launch to where the fish are biting.

Download the app for your iPhone, or from Google ($GOOG) Play.

Here is a video on how Fishidy works. It’s a tremendous app for anyone that goes fishing. It increases your odds of landing the big one.  Share photos and tips with friends.  Learn from other fisherman about new techniques and what they are using to catch fish.

Not only does it provide great information, but here is how you can use Fishidy to get in depth analysis about where you are fishing.

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