Moxie Jean’s Sharon Schneider on Chicago Tonight: Talking Bro Culture in Tech

Moxie Jean CEO and founder Sharon Schneider was recently on a local television program, Chicago Tonight. The issue was the TechWeek gaffe that was demeaning to women. Sharon articulates the issue extremely well, and if you watch the video you can see why HPA is an investor in her company.

HPA has never focused on gender. We have many women in leadership roles within our organization. Karin O Connor is our managing director and will be stepping down in July. Our group has a large percentage of females that are members. We have backed female lead companies (Brilliant, MoxieJean, Dabble, Supply Vision) Many of our student associates are women.

Why did this happen? Because they were all really damn good.

Chicago is different than other places in tech. We value everyone. HPA is the same. We care about ideas and building great companies. There are a bunch in our portfolio.

The best thing you can do if you want to support women in tech is become a customer of one of their companies. Click the links to their websites and start using their products today. Tell your friends. The more success they have, the more success all women in tech will have.

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