New HPA Portfolio Company,

HPA has been busy.  We have done a lot of follow on rounds of existing portfolio companies recently but we are always looking for new deals.  We were lucky to find Simple Mills.

Simple Mills won the Ed Kaplan New Venture Challenge at Chicago Booth this year, along with RoomVa.   What are they?  They are the best tasting most delightful gluten free, low glycemic muffin mix that you will ever taste.  Diabetics can eat them.  They are amazingly simple to bake at home.  We loved the leadership team of Simple Mills but I think it’s safe to say HPA enjoyed eating their muffins in the diligence process just as much!

Most gluten free mixes are full of sugar.  Most of them taste like wallpaper and are heavy.  Simple Mills allows you to get all the flavor and texture that you are used to, but still avoid gluten and sugar.  They are light on the palate.  Many HPA members are eating them instead of traditional muffins because they taste so good and are better for you than regular muffin mixes.

Since we started talking to them, they rolled out two new products.  Cookies and flatbread.  Find them in these stores, or order them on Amazon.  If your local store doesn’t carry them, tell the manager to order them!  They are that good.



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